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I have been struggling with the studio glazes. The technitian whipped up a new batch of a particular green glaze, however it doesn't match the colour or the texture of the previous. I suspect that the previous batch was mixxed incorrectly, too much copper carbonate. The recipe calls for 1% but the old glaze looks like it must have 10, a standard error of moving the decimal.

Moving on, I have some images to post but I won't do it today. These are images of the serving trays that I showed in progress a while back. Today I am posting images of some large mugs, steins really. I figure that after shrinkage these will probably hold about 22 oz.

The handles are inspired by a little tutorial I found online. The site I found the image on was using the rolling technique to create twisted handles. While working in the studio I tried a variety of different materials to roll my clay on and eventually found one that gives results that look like wood. The technique gave me the idea shown here.

I intend to glaze these with a translucent clear glaze. However, the handle and the sprigged design will remain unglazed and treated with terra sigillata.


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