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Things pertaining to impertinence


With the hot sunny days we have had in the past week, I was able to spend three relaxing afternoons playing in the river. I swear, over the four days that I was at the river, it lowered by at least 10 inches. I know that this is probably something common, however I don't usually notice it.

The sun has also taken its toll on the little critters around town too. Here is bug, just hanging out on a window, apparently ruining my friends reflection.
 Another little critter that found it challenging to escape the heat is one of my two cats, Flotsam. You can see here that, although he looks like his legs are broken, he has just developed some sort of elaborate cooling mechanism; Available only to cats.

One thing that I dislike about not being close to the ceramic studio is not being available to monitor the drying of my pieces. Unfortunately when I returned to my pieces, there was some uneven drying and one of the legs has popped of the serving dish I was making. I think it will be possible to fuse the leg back on with glue, so I'm not devastated. Also, I do want to make the pieces with Redart cone 6 clay, rather than the cone 10 ball clay I did use. I am sure the end results will still be fine.

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