Boring Art, Boring Life: Pinchy .... "press A to continue"                                                  

Pinchy .... "press A to continue"

Another day, another dollar; how much do I dislike this phrase? Well, today a lot. I can hardly believe that I am getting paid to do the teaching at the university. Overall, I feel as though the students are eager to learn, they are genuinely interested by even the most mundane topic about the subject.

Today was jam packed with demos and information about projects and techniques. Today's topics, coil building, decorative slip techniques and a power point presentation about the history of ceramics. I felt bad because the students have 0 time to work on any of their projects, though they should be getting in the studio on their own time to get projects done.

Here are a few more pictures of Pinchy.
I wire tooled off Pinchy's head, little did he know he was destined to have crap stuffed in him... maybe a clay mouse
Adding a flange to the inside of Pinchy's head, so it won't slide off

Pinchy's form is now complete. Now to consider glazing and slips
As many of you are aware my birthday festivities are building! I picked up this sweet prop at the recycle exchange in town.

Likely from the early 70's
Today after class I worked in the studio to complete a few projects, Pinchy, coil building and a platter with pressed plants. Eventually, when I was forced to leave the studio I went to what is turning into my favourite Victoria restaurant, The Pink Bicycle. The burger that satisfies my taste buds the most these days, The Lamb Burger with blue cheese. I love it, sometimes I order it with onion rings; so far, no proposal. 

Today , instead of the lambburger... the feature was... Camel Burger, with rogan curry spice. To say the least it was delicious, though the meat is a bit dry. I had no idea that it was going to come as two burgers connected together, though I guess it makes sense.

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