Boring Art, Boring Life: New Beginnings                                                  

New Beginnings

Now that the summer is upon me, I am making it my goal to create more. That is to say, create more posts, photos, sculptures, dinners and new to the agenda.... ceramics!

I think I have written at length about my torrid history with ceramics. My first degree was a a Bachelor of Fine Art with a major in ceramics. For many a year I considered that knowledge to be formative to my art making sensabilities but otherwise defucnt and obsolete. However, it seems that the universe has other plans for me.

As readers of my blog may already know, I have a job teaching at a certain university here on Vancouver Island. Although I am still a bit shocked that I was asked to teach ceramics, over photography, I am still excited about the opportunity to work in a post secondary environment.

The process of creating the curriculum was easier than I though. However, I do need to throw out a few thank you to those folks that were willing to share their knowledge of creating course outlines in the post secondary environment. Thanks to, Cathy Jefferson, Scott Leaf and Brendan Tang. You guys shared your wisdom with me and gave me the feedback needed to build a cogent course outline. Although I am confident that I would have muddle my way through the process eventually, having some samples to look through made the process enjoyable rather than tedious.

So tomorrow is my first class. I will try and get some photographs of the student working in the studio, many of them for the first time; always cognizant of the fact that they should have no faces visible! The topic of tomorrows class, pinch pots. To commemorate this, here is a picture of a pinch pot that I definitely DID NOT MAKE!

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