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First Day at the University

First off let me start this post by saying, WTH is up with yesterday? I do believe that yesterday's post was likely my most banal post of all my posts. In actual fact I only put one photograph in the post and it was a photo that I did not take and it was not of my work. However, this didn't stop folks from taking the time to read it. Normally I get about 3 views a day and the most I ever had was 51 but yesterday, for some reason, thirty of you decided to log in and read. Well, thank you! Regardless, thanks for reading and a special hey there out there for my follower.

Okay so for those of you in the know, thirty of you by my estimation and my clairvoyant powers bestowed upon me by the tales given to me by "STATS", today was my first class at university. I fully anticipated a lot of anxiety, being that it was my first class as an instructor for a credited class, at a new university, in a subject that I have not taught before. I have to say though, I didn't have my normal first day of school blues. I felt prepared, but not over prepared and I was confident when I started class. The big shocker here is that this is not how my regular job goes. Usually there are some sleepless nights, triple checking supplies, harried morning to get my materials prepped etc.

Anyhow the student were there, they asked questions at the appropriate time and they asked informed questyions. An interesting point to note, 90% of the student had already logged onto the moodle and downloaded the course outline. Several of the student even watched the links I provided and read the sections of the textbook. Woot and kudos to them. It made the class go smoothly and quite fun. 
What I did the day before I started working

Now to the fun stuff, what did I do in class. Good question, todays topic was the ever popular pinch pot. I am teaching a beginning ceramics class with a focus on vessel, rather than sculpture. So I gave the quick demo of forming 2 pinch pots and joining the pieces together. I decided that I would paddle the pots and create a form. using the edge of a rectangular whacking device ( pretty much a stick ) I created a great texture. Creating Pinchy the Owl.

I know your thinking, LAME, calling your owl pinchy cause he is made from pinch pots; you are wrong! He is not named Pinchy because he is constructed from pinch pots, rather because he tried to pinch my finger off when I told him he was not free to fly about the room; on account of the fact that he had no wings.


Pinchy was also tremendously upset with me because he did not have a comfortable place to perch and so I used a simple slab technique to create this rudimentary home for him. I constructed a simple branch. I reinforced the inside of the hollow structure with a single clay post. 

A quick detail shot of the end of the branch
Shortly after completing the simple structure of the perch, I was forced to wrestle Pinchy. To tell no lies outside of school, he won. Below you can see the smug bastard perched contently on him custom perch.


On a completely different front, I have a birthday coming up soon. I picked a theme basked on a frikken fantastic film that I watched recently, Moonrise Kingdom.

For those who know me, there is no surprise that I love this film because Anderson is one of my favourite directors. He manages to weave he particular type of aethitic in magical ways. This current film continues his partnership with Mark Mothersboraugh and the music accompianies the film well. I digress, I chose a theme of Retro (60's & 70's) Sumer Camp Jamboree. This means that I am in the process of collecting retro camping themed games and events, foods, and of course the all important merit badges.

VV - stage one, find a shirt.. game on

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