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More considerations, regarding the cyanotypes

Whew, It has been a very long time since I've posted. It is not that I have been inactive, in fact the opposite. I have been very busy in the studio, work and play. When I last posted I was writing about a new cyanotype project that I was starting, the impetus being a class project that students were working with. 

I have a variety of images that I have taken, during the making of my piece; its still not done. 

Oh yeah, I installed Hipstergram

 I took some time to consider which approach to work with. In the past I have used a lot of photograms using roses, and I also have some transparency film of mesophyll. I usually find that if I don't have an immediate idea, its a good idea to start with experimentation. So here is the first shot.

I set some goals for myself for this project. I want to take advantage of the UV exposure unit that the school bought last year. So the photo above, is where I started. I'm starting to narrow down the exposure times and techniques using the table. 

a few of the samples I created before deciding on paper, design and general design

I've decided that I'm going to continue working with a concept I worked with in the past. I don't feel as though the previous pieces were successful, they were nice, they just are not resolved. I hope that I can take my idea to a more completed idea. So I started with my taping. You'll notice, I am still using that familiar pattern. 

You can see in the image, the technique I am using. I measured and marked with pencil all the points on the outer green painters tape. I cut 1" masking tape into three smaller widths of tape, using these for the structured pattern across the paper. The last step, after all the tape is down, is to go in with an x-acto blade and cut out the sections to reveal the whole pattern. The method is not without its flaws and certainly the pattern is not perfect.


Here are two views of my final exposure, clearly you can see that the masking tape has not been removed yet, as I am still considering the use of additional paints, pencils etc. 

 Of course I am not the only one doing things in the studio. Here is a shot of a student working on their piece. The figure they have cut out in their hand will become a mask  for the exposure of her final piece.


On another note, I don't think I've written about this, I have accepted a sessional position at the University of Victoria. When I received the email, informing me of the position I was very excited. I've been considering a move the university system, from public grade school; this is an opportunity that may open doors. The  big surprise, I will be teaching 1 section 300 level ceramics. I suppose this makes sense, my major is in this medium.

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