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New Cyanotypes in Progress

As many of you know, one of the art processes that I love to use is cyanotype. Now that the nice weather is upon us, I get the bug to go outside and start making these blue pieces of wonderful.
Last summer I took time off from working with this material, I spent time in Alberta instead.

I am revisiting an idea that I started investigating a while back. Below is the first image I created using masked patterns, water colour paints and photograms to create the final image.

Cyanotype Rose with Islamic pattern and inset
This is an old project, the first with patterns
I have a structure that I created two years ago that I am finally getting around to completing. It is a box structure with a piercing through it. The exterior surface is very similar to the one above, but the inside image is an image I created from an x-ray of a broken arm.


I am having some trouble picking which part of the x-ray will be visible through the hole, the hand bones or the bolts. Each has a very different connotation, giving the overall message of my project very different intentions. Once I make the decision, I will cut paper vines and leaves that will billow around the outer rim of the circle, to create a thicket that will invite the viewer to look in while preventing it at the same time.

Below are a few images that show my planning for the new project. I am also working in a similar way with my students. Giving the assignment to my students, I am asking them to research the patterns of other cultures, understand how that pattern is created and then come up with their own version of the pattern. The patterns that they create will then be laid out on the sheets of paper before applying the cyanotype solution. Below is an image from my process journal, I am attempting to understand how the pattern is created. What I have discovered, the original artists have a mathematical understanding that I don't I am able to decode and recreate what the original artists did but I doubt I could ever create anything as elaborate, on my own.

Here is the newest set up, I have started masking the pattern. I think I will use images on transparency film as well as plants, to create the photogram.

I'm also working on my artist trading cards. I only have 4 weeks to create my cards. I think I am going to make a painting and cut that painting up to

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