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Multiple Exposure Mix-Up, More Updates.


Yesterday I updated about the project I am constructing, as part of my multiple exposure mix-up project.  Today I planned on hitting the darkroom to create the pannels for the top and sides. I arrived at teh student early, before class and efore my prep block. I brought a bag of coffee beans to use for the photograms I want to create.

I created 3 photograpms with the same theme, coffee beans. I wanted something graphic that related in some loose way to the content of the ain image. Ultimately, I think it would be more interesting to cut a hole in a wall and install the photo in the recess. This connects, with my past ceramic cartouches, the ones I made at NSCAD. The photograms are sized 11"x14", slightly larger than what I need but it is good to have some play when it comes to cropping.

After creating the photograms I attached the paper templates, the ones I created last night, using spray glue. As you can see below, I didn't precut the photogram, I attached it first and cut it after. The result was very accurate with no spots of white showing. The Yes Paste in this shot is used to glue the panels to the front images.

The Yes Paste in the previous shot is applied by paintbrush. Below is a shot of the first pannel attached. In the shot belwo you can seesome of the elements I used to constructthe articulated aspects of the main image, the creased black pieces of paper hold the individual pieces together.

It took a little finessing to get the bottom attached. Once the paper bottom is attached, the sides proved much easier. White constructing this image, I had a new idea for what I could create next. Although I like how strucutural this piece is, it lacks a polished feeling for me. I made it to hang on a wall, this wont be a problem. What I really want though, is an artpiece that sits on a table. The next project, will have a photograph that forma an arch on the bottom. Something like the rocker on a rocking horse. This will allow me to create an art oject, that sits on a table with mild kinnetic function. I think it could even have elements of a diarama on it.

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