Boring Art, Boring Life: Multiple Exposure Mix-Up Analysis & Completion                                                  

Multiple Exposure Mix-Up Analysis & Completion

I know a few people have been eagerly waiting for the completion of this sculpture project I have been working on. It is proving difficult to document in a way that reveals the different aspects of it, meaning the dimensions and the multifaceted image surface.

If you want to see the construction of this project, you can find the original post here

This is one of those project that I make, just to make it. Given the origin of the images I think that the multifaceted surface of the photograph creates interesting viewing opportunities for the viewer. Viewed at eye level and straight on, the viewer only sees one image (created by mirroring the image). Once the viewer moves to the right or left the image become distorted. For me this references the origin of the image, a multiple exposure created by two different artists. 

With this presentation method the viewer also  becomes a partial artist in the project. Just as the two photographers initially created the flat image, resulting in a multiple exposure, the viewer can choose what angle he or she views the image at. This option puts them in control of further distortions and the possibilities of more exposures.

After looking over this project I have a number of ideas for one that is similar. I think I am going to take a photograph of a city skyline and use that as the profile, but the bottom will be curved. The intent here is that the photographs will have a kinetic aspect to it. I realize this is a little unclear but I know what I mean and it will make a lot more sense once I start building it. 

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