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Final Back to the Future... for now

After a short hiatus from completing the editing on my Back to the Future Project, (see Irina Werning's images here) I have set to work with the intent of completing the editing on what I have photographed.

I have a few final images to share. The first image is one of two, originally taken on my sundeck when my brother was two. In a previous post I wrote about the experience of recreating the cake and setting up the shot.

Probably what I didn't mention is that the man in this photograph is my father. I suspect that my family life growing up is not so different from many. It is the cliche of the absentee father. Is it worse than having a father that dies, or is it worse to know that they throw you away like garbage. Who knows, its a questions that I won't be addressing here, or ever.

The problem with remaking an image with my father is, finding a person to take his place. In the case of my photograph, I used a family friend. In many ways the remake image may act like a metaphor for my life. In my life, I have frequently looked for that mythical "father figure" in teachers, coaches and in this case, family friends. Anyway, I dressed him up in a shirt similar to my father and it looks relatively convincing.

The other image that I am going to post is a remake from when I was ten. The situation is a bit confusing because I remember the location as Campbell River but the medals are very similar to those given out in Victoria, at regionals. Regardless, I traveled up island one day with the intent of shooting this image.

 My artist friend Shawn, helped me with the posing. I'm not entirely satisfied with the position or the plane of the image but he did a reasonable job directing my position. It was particularly difficult to find the location because the trees have grown A LOT in 25 years. In fact, I believe some of the trees in the shot were not there originally and now they are at least 30 metres tall.

As part of recreating this image, I spent time digging through my old awards from swimming. The specific ones in the image above are the original medals. I tried to position them in the original order and position them in the correct orientation. In order to find the original medal, I needed to search through the collection. As it terms out... I have a few.

Since I had the medals with me, my friend convinced me to put them all on and repose... wearing them all.

For my final images, I got together with my brother. I had two images to recreate from the same day. Talking with my mom, she thinks the images are from my 5th  birthday. To recreate this photograph I used a curtain for the table cloth, bought some correl ware, used the original christening candle. The most clever component, by my estimation is the electrical outlet.

 I couldn't use the original location for the photograph. The original location is the kitchen at my mom's house. However, in the 1990's the house was  remodeled. As it is, the wall outlet is where the kitchen sink is now. To recreate the scene I found a generic wall, used the original kitchen table and to recreate wall outlet, I printed one out on a colour laser printer and taped it to the wall.

How convincing is it? Well convincing enough to trick one of the guys that lives at the location I shot at. I left the image on the wall, it is slightly behind a book shelf. One of the guys tried to plug a vacuum into it. It took another guy to figure out that it wasn't a real plug. So FYI, if you are ever using a fake electrical outlet, don't leave it taped to the wall.


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