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Thrift Store Madness Continues...

VICTORIA! What I love most about Victoria is that it isn't Nanaimo. It's not that it's a bigger city, though it is. It's not that it has more shops, though it does. It's that it has the places that I want to shop and a proper downtown with store fronts and interesting boutiques. Everything isn't just strip malls in big box stores that are spread out for kilometers and kilometers.

I came to Victoria today with my partner, she has work to do for her thesis project. I came ir two reasons, one, i need supplies for my "Back to the Future" project and I wanted to hang out with my friend who lives in Langley and his wife and daughter.

Meeting up with old friends is always great. He is the only school chum that I still converse with. We met and went to Craigdarocch castle and for some tastes treats.

The castle offered ample opportunities fit great images. The building is mostly original and some restorations. The historical elements, placards and info panels reveal the family and property history of the building.

Of course the second reason I came to Victoria is the shopping in thrift stores. WHAT A HAUL! I finally purchase the last pieces I needed to complete several of my Back to the Future remakes.

 Several of the pieces will need heavy editing. The red sweater from the image with the mask will be the most challenging. I am going to cut it up and glue it together to create a reasonable facsimile.

Another challenge presented itself today. The image with my father has a specific cake it. I remember that the cake is a coconut frosted rocking horse cake. Remaking this cake is going to be a bit of a pain. My mother lent out the book with plans for making the cake. In a future post I will write more about the cake, this is going to become a significant portion of the recreation.

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