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Starting New Projects --Back to the Future

Starting new projects is always a stressful time at school. I want to have projects that the members of the class will love. I don't want apathy or students to hate project ideas, but it is really hard to convince people that project ideas are great. Most of the time I feel like I'm failing at it. It seems as though, these days, that I am lucky if I get one person that really buys into an idea; while the remainder of the class couldn't care less.

The stressful part is that I make my job. If I get individuals interested and fired up about projects then they are likely to sign up again. If I don't get them interested then they won't take the class and then I have to do something else. My worst nightmare is that I lose my photo class blocks and have to teach something that I have no passion for. 

Photograph by Irna Werning
The latest project is the project that Irna Werning uses in her work. In order to get the class members to buy in I brought in a selection of suitably embarrassing images from when I was a child. I let them choose through the images to find one that they wanted to see me remake. Although one group seemed interested, the other did not. Right now class is out for spring  break, hopefully projects are being pursued.

So far I have been to two thrift stores looking for just the right sweater and a shirt that look suitably like the ones that I was wearing in my own photographs. I'll post images as I go.

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