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Self Portrait Pain

I spent part of today working on the different elements of my self portrait photography sculpture. I continue to be challenged as to how I will complete the project. I know that the face will wrap around the outside, raised up will be the skull and then on the interior of that I want to create another element. I'm not sure if that element will have a more sculptural representation of my brain, or if I'll make it like a platform with a diarama in it.
This week I intend to go into the studio and make some test prints and try folding and mounting the pieces. I'll try to get some of the test images up online. The other thing that I am working on is developing some B&W images in the darkroom. Just a little retro; I've been accused of being a hipster. I'd probably agree. 

I still am not resolved on the skull. I like the shape of the left hand side but I can't just duplicate it, without making the image look inhuman.

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