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Photo Love

I've mentioned before that I'm a teacher and that I happen to teach photography. The program I teach isn't a digital course, like many courses are now. Instead it is a balance of film and digital. As is the case with many school budgets are super tight. I don't have the money to replace equipment with all digital and computers are almost completely out of the question as is the software.

Though, this is not the reason that I continue to work in film and teach my beginner photography student's the basics using film. I do it because I love the process. The fact that time and technique join together and yield results. Those images have the potential to be ruined at many stages of the process and when I create an image it seems to have survived the odds against it.

Obviously, at the level I'm working there is little chance the images will be ruined, however, I share in each students successes and failures. When the students succeed for the first time, it seems like something magical has occurred. I imagine that this phenomenon must be something akin to that of a parent on the first Christmas after the birth of a child.  Some aspect of the magic of the moment is restored, after being lost in for years.

Recently I have decided, kind of a resolution I guess, to do more photographs. Cary my film camera around more often, ontop of that have fun with the process of taking the photograph. One thing that continues to capture my attention is the novelty of the picture taking process. As part of my resolution, I have decided that I am going to chase the novel and use some of the many cameras that I have.

Contact Sheet from my Ricoh Diacord. Images taken March 10th
These images were captured using my 1957 Ricoh Diacord, a twin reflex camera. I am dying to get in to the darkroom and create some prints. This is one image scanned off the contact sheet.

Sean Fenzl Creepin a Guinness at the Fox n Hounds

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