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An Ongoing Project

A while back I had this idea for a project. Essentially it is a self portrait, as it is of myself.  My ultimate goal is to make a three dimensional sculpture from photographic image, that will stand on an armature. The image below is one part of that sculpture. Clearly it is a skull, it will be inside the wrap around image that I have created of my face.

Recently I have been looking at the work of Vancouver artist Geoffrey Farmer. I love how he is using found images and constructing really interesting figurines/puppets out of the parts. It is after looking at his images that I decided to create my own creature. Thought, rather than fantastical my, creature will be only myself.

Over the next few weeks I am going to slowly work to get these images complete in Photoshop and print out the images in B&W just on regular paper to get the sizes all correct. Once I get this done, the I will head out and get the images printed life size.

A quick note about the skull used for this image, I made it in my second year of university. Unfortunately about a week after I took these photographs someone stole the skull from my room. The photographs I used for the image below were only supposed to be my test shots, used to see if the idea would work when put together in Photoshop. My intent was to see if the idea would work and then reshoot the image with proper focus, better lighting and with a black backdrop. Unfortunately this didn't happen and now cant.

Still in Progress

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