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Moderate Succuss with Back to the Future

Spring break is proving to be busier than I expected. Because I have so many images that I am trying to remake, I have lots of little things to do for projects. Today, I made my first crack at the Back to the Future Project. I think that this image is the easiest of the images that I am attempting to recreate. The background is limited, the pose is easy, not to challenging.

Some limitations that popped up, the differences in the setting. I discovered that one piece of my set is missing outright, and the door to the shed is also missing. I suspect that this is to be expected, as it is 27 or so years later. Setting up the shot was easy, it took me about 10 minutes to set up my props and position the camera, to have the correct cropping.
Original, Probably 1986

March 21, 2012 Before Editing

As you can see the image is decently close. The weather today was very uncooperative. The sun was out and shining while I was setting up the shot. It looked amazing, because the shadows were identical, and the highlights very similar. By the time I was ready to click the shutter for the final image, the weather changed to heavily overcast, light rain and eventually hail. Regardless the initial image is satisfactory.

I used Photoshop to adjust the, cropping, tone, exposure and a tiny amount to the rotation of the image. I am still not 100% satisfied with the image but for a first attempt, with the weather being uncooperative its... okay.
First attempt at a Back to the Future remake

The second reason I came to my mother's house is to bake the cake, for a different remake. This is the cake a i mentioned in a previous post. Originally baked for my father's birthday in 1981, I want to use it as a prop. I found the plans for the cake online.

Basic pattern for the cake
 The creation of this particular sets of images is allowing me to spend more time with my mother. I should say, more positive/constructive time with my mother. I have very vivid memories of both shopping for the ingredients for the original cake and the making of the cake. Mainly, I remember licking the icing off the beaters, and trying to steal the candy. I was too young to be helpful, I was only 5 or 6 at the time. Making the cake in 2012, proved not much different. My mom did most of the baking and mixing. However, this time I was responsible for the shopping, finding the pattern, and preparation of many of the decorative elements.

The final results are great. Extraordinarily close to the cake made in the 80's I particularly like that it required no special cake pan, it uses a standard 9"x13" cake pan. The final touches that compete this cake are the cocoa mixed into the icing to create the brown and the black licorice used to create the reins.

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